Donika Gunther, was born in the ex-communist country of Albania and grew up with five siblings and two wonderful parents. Now living in the United States, she is the proud mother of one daughter. For as far back as she can remember, Donika has had a lifelong desire to help others and assist them in leading happy, successful, worry-free lives. She has a degree in biology and chemistry and has worked as a teacher for past 30 years, and as a mentor, motivational and international speaker for the last thirteen years. After discovering the power that meditation, yoga and mindfulness have for improving health and wellness, Donika decided to take her 13 years of experience in these studies and turn them into a career because she is passionate about!

Mindfulness with a Purpose was created in part due to Donika’s aspirations of making positive change in the lives of children, by providing higher education, confidence and self-worth.

The organization was also formed to bring awareness of mental issues, self-care, and emotional, social and financial freedoms to the forefront for men and women and help them recognize that these are the key factors for ease and contentment in life.

Targeted towards men, women and children who are seeking growth and transformation in their lives, Mindfulness with Purpose fosters personal and professional advancement that allows individuals to gain a solid balance in their lives by arming them with an authentic ‘mindfulness kit’ filled with valuable tools, skills and expertise to draw from.

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